Put On Your [Blood] Red Shoes and Dance the Blues…

Posted: January 29, 2008 in Music
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Blood Red Shoes - Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell

According to themselves, “Blood Red Shoes is two punk kids from the south of England just trying to be in a decent band.” And decent they are. The Brighton-based duo, comprising of Laura-Mary Carter on guitar and Steven Ansell on drums, formed from the ashes of Cat On Form and Lady Muck in 2004 after the pair decided to have a jam and see what happened. Having firstly issued a number of independent releases, they delivered their first single for V2 Records last October. The critics immediately sat up and took notice.

Whilst their musical style isn’t particularly groundbreaking, Blood Red Shoes do hold an ace card that sets them apart from the legions of faceless indie rock bands currently clogging up the airwaves: they’re bloody good.

Ansell and Carter have obviously mastered the art of writing no-nonsense rock tunes, as forthcoming single ‘You Bring Me Down’ testifies. This little ditty sees both members doubling up on vocal duties (as they do on most of their songs) and unleashing an angsty, catchy, and altogether tasty slice of garage rock. Laura-Mary’s voice is almost riot grrrl-esque as she shouts her way through the chorus, while Steven Ansell’s speedy disco beats provide the necessary drive to accompany her cool, abrasive guitar riffs. It all makes for a product brimming with intelligence, disquiet, and that all-essential punk attitude.

‘You Bring Me Down’ will be released in the UK on Monday, while the forthcoming long-player ‘Box of Secrets’ is pencilled in for an April launch. Blood Red Shoes are currently working overtime on the live circuit to promote the new single; right now they’re thumping their way through Britain before heading off around Europe and Japan in the coming months.


Video for ‘You Bring Me Down’ by Blood Red Shoes:

The single ‘You Bring Me Down’ is released on February 4th in the UK through V2/Mercury Records.

The album ‘Box of Secrets’ is scheduled for an April release in the UK through V2/Mercury Records.


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