The Chalets Check Out

Posted: February 15, 2008 in Music
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The Chalets

After many months of noticeable inactivity, Dublin band The Chalets have confirmed that they have split. A short announcement on their MySpace blog reads: “Hi Chalet stalkers. We just wanted to let y’all know that we won’t be releasing any more records or playing any more gigs. We had loads of fun!” It had been anticipated that the band would release a follow up to their successful debut LP, ‘Check In’, in the coming months, but presumably it has now been shelved.

The group achieved international recognition in recent years, with several songs being featured on the American TV series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and the ‘Outlaw Tennis’ video game. MTV Ireland also used their tune ‘Sexy Mistake’ as part of a branding campaign. A European tour in 2006 underlined The Chalets’ popularity beyond Irish shores as the band played to numerous capacity crowds.



The Chalets: ‘Feel the Machine’


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