Yes, I know I’ve been neglecting this blog again. I don’t seem to have much time lately – even though I’d find it hard to explain where the time goes if you asked me. Anyways… normal service, as they say, will resume shortly. With a bit of luck.

In the meantime, whilst browsing on YouTube I excavated a classic sketch from my childhood favourites Zig and Zag. If you grew up in Ireland during the 1980s and early ’90s then these guys were an essential part of your daily TV viewing. Those of you in the UK will probably know them better from the time they spent on Channel 4’s morning show ‘The Big Breakfast’. Anyways, I reckon if you look back on such things from your younger days and still find them hilarious then you’ve either got an underdeveloped sense of humour or it was, in fact, ball-breakingly funny. As I take pride in my sense of humour, I’m declaring this clip to fit quite firmly into the latter category:

Zig and Zag imperonsating Elvis impersonating the Beastie Boys!


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