My name is Patrick and I’m a music journalist (or critic – it depends on whether or not you’re Everett True) working as an editor for State Magazine. I also moonlight for AU Magazine. Hours spent debating the subject in the pub also qualifies me as an expert football pundit, even though I’ve never played or coached at a professional level. It’s a privilege to be able to refer to myself as such. I’ve been dodging bullets since 1982.

Home is Longford, a town in the Irish Midlands. It’s the sort of place you’d often drive through on your way to someplace else but would rarely stop in. There are good reasons for this. I hope to play my part in addressing some of those reasons in time.

My band, Videodrome, will someday take over the world. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you want to contact me for whatever reason, you can do so by emailing garfield@garfieldsghost.com.